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Alex Vogel is a German chemist and astronaut who works for the European Space Agency (ESA). He is part of the Ares III mission as a joint project between NASA and ESA. In addition to being part of the Ares III mission, Vogel is also the first German to go to Mars.


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Vogel has a wife named Helena who is grammar teacher. He also has two kids who he refers to as monkeys, Victor and Eliza,

Vogel's mother has dementia, and is getting worse. Vogel, after the Ares III extended mission, took some time to look after her and care for her.


He was born in Germany on the 15th of November in 1994 the same year as Mark.

Alex Vogel Holds 2 Master's Degrees in Chemistry and Astrophysics and a Doctorate in Chemistry.

Prior to the Ares III mission, he spent 6 months in Antarctica preforming experiments on Levels of green house gasses in ancient ice cores dug up there.

Also, as volunteer work, he helped efforts to measure the Cosmic microwave Background. He has also published many papers in international journals around the world on science and chemistry, and also about space exploration.

Alex then joined ESA, which, through a partnership between NASA and ESA, was selected for a mission to mars in the mid 2030s. Alex was then chosen to serve as the Ares III navigator and Chemist.

Chris eating yolk-something and Vogel eating space sausages.

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