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Ares I was the first human mission to Mars. The mission Started in September in 2029, when the first Ares I presupply landers landed at the Ares I mission site in Valles Marineris.

The Mechanical Engineer for Ares I was Karen Rhodes.


The Ares space program began in the early 21st Century. The crew of the Ares I first stepped foot on the Martian surface in the year 2029 AD.

The mission Started in September of 2029, where resupplies for the mission landed in Valles Marineris. 14 missions later, the crew of 6, including astronaut Karen Rhodes departed for the newly constructed Hermes space station, which was assembled in LEO (low Earth Orbit). A few weeks later, Hermes, and Ares I departed for Mars.

Four months later, Ares I entered Martian orbit, and the crew descended. For 31 sols, Ares I explored the Martian surface and researched its past habitability and possibility of life.

Apon returning, after about 2 years away from Earth, the Ares I crew was put on international tour, and visited many countries and institutions. A few of the Martian soil and rock samples were donated to colleges and museums all around the word.