The timeline of The Martian is as follows:


  • July 29: NASA was founded.



  • May 30: The ESA was founded.





  • August 2: Chris Beck is born in Hartford, Connecticut



  • At age 15, Martinez realised that his ultimate goal was NASA.


  • May-September: Beth graduated from high school and then moved on to MIT.


The Hab 1
  • Martinez is selected for NASA Group 36.


  • The crew of the Ares I lands on Mars, taking humanity's first steps on the Red Planet.
  • Chris is selected to be an astronaut with NASA Group 36.


  • Vogel is selected as an astronaut for the ESA Group.


  • Mark was selected to be an astronaut with NASA Group 27. 
  • Beth was also selected to be an astronaut with NASA Group 27. 


  • March 23: After congressional approval, NASA formally announces goals and objectives for the Ares III mission.
  • May 4: The crew is screened and selected based on those mission goals.
  • September 1: Crew training begins. This can take up to two years.
  • September 16: Pre-supply missions for Ares III begin.


The Martian Route 2

The route and trajectories of the Martian ARES III crew.

  • June 29: The Ares III crew depart Earth to rendezvous with the Hermes Spacecraft in orbit.
  • July 6: The Ares III crew leave the Earth orbit for Mars in the Hermes.
  • November 7: The Ares III crew step foot on Mars.
  • November 8: The crew will make a series of departures from The Hab to complete their primary scientific expedition beginning with soil samples.
  • November 25: A powerful sand storm hits Mars causing 5 out of 6 Ares III crew members to evacuate Mars, leaving Mark Watney stranded and presumed dead.
  • November 26: Watney awakens and performs emergency surgery on himself to get the piece of shrapnel out of his body.
  • December 5: They were supposed to decommission The Hab, leave Mars and return to The Hermes via MAV.
  • December: People at NASA learn of Mark Watney's survival on Mars but decide not to tell the Ares III crew for two months.



The Mission Roadmap

The Mission Road Map taken from The Complete Ares 3 Mission Guide.